Salvation and Civilization came from Africa

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In the ancient times, it was no secret that Jesus Christ was a Black man from the tribe of Judah. The early Jews knew it because they were also Blacks. The Romans knew it, and the Greeks knew it. In fact, all the people of his time, and long afterwards, knew that the Messiah Christ Jesus was a Black man.

This book is an inconvenient truth that you may not be ready to read.

Through this book, you get answers to the following:

● What is the mind of God on Idolatry which consists not only in the worship of false gods, but also in the worship of the true God by images?
● Is Jesus really a Black man from the tribe of Judah?
● If Jesus is black then does the bible support it?
● Are Black people the original Hebrew Israelites?
● Is there any forensic and scientific proof that the messiah was black?
● Who is the man in the picture that is displayed in most churches around the world?
● Why is the colour of Jesus very important in revelation of the Anti-Christ?

The answers to these all important and many more questions can be found in this book. This book is recommendable to every truth seeker who is uncomfortable with the lies, deception and conspiracy theories orchestrated by the wicked one and his agents to rob Jesus of his deity and true identity. It is not designed to be user friendly and it is an affront to racism living in the walls of churches and in the West. If Jesus is truly a black man according to the scriptures and evidences then it means that the real children of Abraham are also black.

This book is a historical story of the most prominent figure ever known to mankind (JESUS) the founder of Christianity, the head of the church of God, the creator of the heaven and the earth. The book provides a detailed description, exposition, analysis (Forensic & Scientific) with huge biblical proofs and references of the true colour of YESHUA (whom the world calls Jesus) as ‘BLACK’ contrary to the blue eyed, blond haired, images of a WHITE messiah that appears in churches all across the World.

Although this book has nothing to do with race or black pride, this is only about getting the truth out to our people so they can wake up from the lies.

It also offers a thorough insight of who the people of colour are (Hebrew Israelite) true Jews of the Bible, exposing the attacks on the deity of Jesus Christ, unmasking the barbaric Western culture in their worship of a creature than the Creator.

Finally, it answers at length all of the objections that have been leveled against these proofs. ‘Jesus Is Black’ also provides as ambitious and complete a defense of the GOSPEL OF TRUTH that exposes the falsehood of the man in the church and in the world with the aim of bringing salvation and freedom of the man from bondage through knowledge of the TRUTH in Christ Jesus… SALVATION IS ASSURED!

The scriptures warned that false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones (Matthew 24:24). I have often wondered how the anti-Christ will look like when he eventually comes to deceive and lure men to hell until I saw a recent video of a white man masquerading as Jesus in Kenya here in Africa, deceiving and exploiting innocent victims, promising them heaven in return for their hard earned money…. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children (Hosea 4:6).

This book has 8 Chapters in total:
#Chapter1. The Jewish Background Of Jesus: Presents the historical background of Jesus’ Birth place, cultural heritage, festivals and Jewish traditions.
#Chapter2. Blacks Are The True Jews Of The Bible: This chapter discusses the origin of the Hamites and Shemites (or Semite). Revealing that the original Hebrew Israelites were of the Black race.
#Chapter3. Biblical References And Proof Of Jesus’ True Skin Colour And Race (Black): This chapter focuses on His Race with a deep insight and Biblical Teachings of His root and skin colour.
#Chapter4. Forensic And Scientific Proof That The Messiah Was Black: This chapter provides strong scientific evidence and forensic proofs that Jesus was a short, dark-skinned Hebrew Israelite with short curly (wooly) hair and dark eyes.
#Chapter5. The Account Of Cesare Borgia (Fake Images Of Jesus): This chapter talk about Cesare Borgia the blued eyed, blond haired white European looking man in all of the paintings about Jesus both in movies and story books.
#Chapter6. The Biblical Proof That The Messiah Is Black: This chapter brings the revelation of the Messiah in His full appearance.
#Chapter7. False Images Of Christ Displayed In Most Churches Around The World, The Conspiracy And Deception Theory: This chapter exposes the conspiracy of the wicked one and his agents to deceive mankind into worshipping the beast in his human form by faking and presenting false images of Christ to the church.
#Chapter8. Jesus Wasn’t White And Why That Matters: This chapter explains why it is important to know this truth ‘Jesus Is A Black Man’.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32).

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WeekendExposition (Souls Are Perishing)

When we read of the “world” in the New Testament, we are reading the Greek word #cosmos. Cosmos most often refers to the inhabited earth and the people who live on the earth, which functions apart from God. Satan is the ruler of this “cosmos” (John 12:31; 16:11; 1 John 5:19). By the simple definition that the word ‘world’ refers to a world system ruled by Satan, we can more readily appreciate Christ’s claims that believers are no longer of the world. We are no longer ruled by sin, nor are we bound by the principles of the world. In addition, we are being changed into the image of Christ, causing our interest in the things of the world to become less and less as we mature in Christ.

Believers in Jesus Christ are simply in the world (physically present) but not of it, not part of its values (John 17:14-15). As believers, we should be set apart from the world. This is the meaning of being holy and living a holy, righteous life to be set apart. We are not to engage in the sinful activities like GAMBLING, YAHOOYAHOO (internet scam), KIDNAPPING, DRUG ABUSE, PROSTITUTION, SEXUAL IMMORALITY, GOSSIP, STEALING, OCCULTISM etc the world promotes, nor are we to retain the insipid, corrupt mind that the world creates. Rather, we are to conform ourselves, and our minds, to that of Jesus Christ: GENTLE, LOVING, CARING, PRODUCTIVE, HARDWORKING, HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, AND BLAMELESS (Romans 12:1-2). This is a daily activity and commitment.

We must also understand that being in the world, but not of it, is necessary if we are to be a light to those who are in spiritual darkness. We are to live in such a way that those outside the faith see our good deeds and our manner and know that there is something “different” about us. Christians who make every effort to live, think and act like those who do not know Christ do Him a great disservice. Even the heathen knows that “by their fruits you shall know them,” and as Christians, we should exhibit the fruit of the Spirit within us.

Being “in” the world also means we can enjoy the things of the world, such as the beautiful creation God has given us, but we are not to immerse ourselves in what the world values, nor are we to chase after worldly pleasures. Pleasure is no longer our calling in life, as it once was, but rather the worship of God.

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God revealed the #mystery of Christ to His children long ago for His kingdom there shall be no end👍

…Don’t say you are a stranger in the plans of God because of your skin colour. You’re in God’s original #Agenda from time immemorial.

Throughout the Middle Ages many #European governments expelled their resident #Jews; these #Black Jews migrated to neighbouring countries, Turkey and Africa

“The LORD shall cause thee to be smitten before thine enemies: thou shalt go out one way against them, and flee seven ways before them: and shalt be removed into all the #kingdoms of the earth” – Deuteronomy 28:25.

A day of repatriation is coming and won’t be long anymore

Isaiah 11:11
In that day the Lord will reach out his hand a second time to bring back the remnant of his people—those who remain in #Assyria (#Asia minor) and northern Egypt; in southern #Egypt, #Ethiopia (#Africa major), and Elam; in #Babylonia, Hamath, and all the distant coastlands.

Isaiah 11:12
He will raise a flag among the nations and assemble the exiles of #Israel. He will gather the scattered people of #Judah from the ends of the #earth.

Ephesians 1:9-10
God has now revealed to us his mysterious plan regarding Christ, a plan to fulfill his own good pleasure. And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of #Christ—everything in #heaven and on earth.

The good tidings I bring is that Jesus Christ died for all including we Black people. More important than the European false pictorial images of Jesus we see in the world is seeing Christ alive in every person. Especially those who are marginalized, those who are persecuted or those who are victimized in any way.  Christ lives in them. It is more important to find Christ in every person because each of us is an express image of Him. Jesus died and rose for everyone irrespective of colour or race. #ItMattersAlot

The second coming of Christ is imminent. Be prepared 👍👍👍





Black is not ‘skin colour’ but a people with common features (Brown, Red, Yellow, Dark & Light Skin) from Africa major, Asia minor, & Middle East.

The siblings of Moses spoke against him because the Ethiopian woman he married was of a different religion not colour. Ethiopia (Africa) and Israel are the same race (Blacks) (Amos 9:7 KJV)

Miriam and her younger brother Aaron spoke against Moses their brother and defamed his character because he married an Ethiopian woman. They used the Ethiopian woman as an excuse to challenge Moses’ authority. It was a family dispute of jealousy among the three of them. Moreover, Miriam and Aaron were older than Moses. They said “Hath God spoken only by Moses? Hath He not spoken also by us? And the Lord heard it”.(Numbers 12 1) As punishment, God struck Miriam with leprosy and she turned “white as snow”. Now, many people have deceived themselves in thinking that Miriam and Aaron spoke against his wife because she was a black woman; but this is not the case, because Miriam, Aaron and Moses were all black people like the rest of Israel. They spoke against Moses simply because the Ethiopian woman he married was of a different religion. The colour issue did not exist in their day.

To prove that the Israelites and Ethiopians (Africans) are the same colour and race (Blacks). The Israelites dwelt among the Hamites (Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jubisites. They inter-married:

Remember the three sons of Noah SHEM, HAM and JAPHETH; The original Israelites are of the Black race and the biblical Abraham (or Abram) was a Black Shemite (or Semites) a descendant of Shem. Abraham was the father of both the Hebrew-Israelite and Arab nations. The Black Shemites intermarried with Black Hamite Egyptian women, giving rise to the Arab nation.

Abraham was the patriarch of the twelve tribes of Israel; and Abraham’s father (Terah) came from the land of Ur of the Chaldees, #Genesis 11:26-28. The Land of Ur of the Chaldees was located at the southern part of the Euphrates. The Chaldeans were one of many Cushite tribes. #Cush means black, according to the Bible dictionary. This dictionary defines further: “Cush, the name of a son of Ham, apparently the eldest: and of a territory or territories occupied by his descendants.

The Arabia was originally inhabited by the Ethiopians (also known as Cushites) prior to the progenitors of the Arabs. Many of today’s Arabs are not Black due to the introduction of white slavery.

“There is more than enough evidence to confirm that all the original Israelites were black, including the surrounding nations in the Middle East: we must consider the evidence that the Dravidians were the original black people of India; that the Cushites (Ethiopians) inhabited the southern Mesopotamian Valley (#Genesis 10:15-19); that Abraham and Ishmael married African women (Egyptians) (#Genesis 16:1-16; 21:8-21); that the Canaanites belong to the African family of nations (#Amos 9:7); that ancient Israel intermarried with these black Canaanite tribes; at the time that Joseph was viceroy of Egypt his brothers could not distinguish him from the black Egyptians because Joseph was black (#Genesis 45:1-28); after Pharaoh promulgated the cruel decree to extirpate the Hebrew males, only a black Moses would have been able to be concealed effectively for any length of time among black Egyptians (#Exodus 1:8 – 2:10); that Daniel had a dream of an anthropomorphous God with woolly hair African features (#Daniel 7:9); that biblical leprosy laws of the time could apply only to a very dark people with black hair (#Leviticus 13).

Over two-thirds of the population of the world consists of coloured people (Blacks). That is a ratio of 2.1. Two out of #Noah’s three sons remained black. We know this to be true because many of the people throughout #Africa, #Asia, #LatinAmerica, and the #Islands in the #PacificOcean are yellow, brown or Black. They have facial features like the #Negroid (less commonly called Congoid #Africans), especially the #Vietnamese, #Filipinos, the people of #India (they are a mixture of black #Dravidians and #IndoEuropeans). #Thailanders, #Burmese, #Indonesians, #Guineans, #Sumatrans, and the aborigines of #Australia, etc.

The black Jews of India, Abyssinia (Ethiopia), and West Africa consider themselves the original Jews because of the purity of their Israelite blood (Psalm 78:51; 105:23,27; 106:22; 1 Chronicles 4:40)…

Continue reading from the book JESUS IS A BLACK MAN BY Evangelist T. C. Wanyanwu

Download the free #Ebook: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N4bMP4vU3qOFDPX720E_kxL7WbjJSbHO/view

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😊Believe In Your Dreams When No One Else Does!!!❤️❤️❤️

😊Someone need to be urgently reminded that your dream is yours to protect jealously even when no one else believes in you. We can’t expect anybody else to be as excited in our dream as we are. We can’t expect anybody to believe in our dream as much as we do.

😊It’s not their dream, IT’S OURS! Most people wait on others to believe in them before they get started; for #validation, #confidence and #motivation. Something that has worked for me and I always ask my readers is, “What is something that you’ve always needed to hear to make yourself more confident about getting started?” Good! Now, tell it to yourself! Again and again and again! Realizing, that the only person we need to hear it from, is ourselves!

👍Protect Your dream!

👍Own your dream!

👍Don’t wait for your family to see it.

👍Don’t wait for your friends to see it.

👍Don’t wait for anybody else to see it.

😊All that matters is that you see it! You believe! You take the time every day to step into your future by behaving and taking the actions needed to become who you want, do what you want, have what you want and give what you want.

😊All that matters is what you believe!

😊Believe! Take Action! Enjoy the process!


Author T. C. Wanyanwu


The curse of Gehazi

LEPROSY- the curse of Gehazi that affected his offspring (Perpetual turning of Black to White)

Naaman and Gehazi had leprosy. Naaman was the captain of the Syrian army. He acquired leprosy (boils and whitening of the skin). He wanted to be cured. Then he heard about Elisha the prophet from Israel. Elisha told him to dip seven times in the Jordan River. Naaman obeyed and he was cured. A reward was offered Elisha, but he refused it. A servant of Elisha, named Gehazi, wanted the reward that his master (Elisha) refused. Then Gehazi ran to look for Naaman. When he found him, he asked him for the reward and said that his master had sent him. This, of course, was a lie. When Gehazi returned to Elisha, Elisha said, “I know you have gotten garments, olive yards and all kinds of wealth by means of subterfuge. Therefore the leprosy that Naaman had will cleave unto you and unto your seed (descendants) forever”; and he departed from his presence a leper “as white as snow.” This type of leprosy affected the reproductive organs (genes and chromosomes that determine hereditary characteristics) in his body. This meant all his children would produce white offspring, even though he was a black man at first like the rest of Israel. This was the curse of Gehazi. #2Kings5


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Another book review (Jesus Is A Black Man: An Inconvenient TRUTH)

It Doesn’t Matter, Matters Alot✅

It’s interesting to know that this book got another 5 star rating and review this month from an #Amazon user in the United States of America.
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