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We write to INSPIRE, ILLUMINATE, MOTIVATE, ELEVATE, PROMOTE, ENCOURAGE, ENTERTAIN, and most importantly, we write to LIBERATE souls from the walls of ignorance. It’s a unique gift from God not man-made. Learn how to convert your writings, ideas, knowledge and skills in digital form, leverage from the residual income online AND GET PAID IN YOUR LOCAL BANK.

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Did you know the only book authored by Jesus Christ?

BEHOLD THE AUTHOR OF SALVATION✅❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The only book authored by Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation is the book entitled SALVATION. It is free for all people, tribes, colour and nations. You don’t need any special training, anointing oil or coconut or special laying of hand or fasting and prayer (assignments). You don’t need to…

I am PLUS 1 today 27/02/2023

Happy Birthday to me. God honoured me with nonfiction writing from my teenage days…. I always love to hear from my book/article readers. If my book/article has in any way helped you, then I am glad I wrote it. I appreciate receiving your compliments or suggestions. Drop your positive feedback or testimony in my comments…

It’s only in African schools that you get punished for speaking your native language.😭😭😭

#DidYouKnow?🤔#TuesdayToRememberHistory I don’t think there’s any difference between Africans. We are all the same, the same source, origin and history. #SouthAfricans, #Kenyans, #Nigerians, #Ugandans, #Rwandans; we are one. It’s colonial borders that makes us think we are different #Belgium is the 6th richest nation in the world, Belgium is responsible for the death of almost…

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