10 Reasons Why Africa MUST Unite

✅Kwame Nkrumah once said ‘Africa must unite or perish!’ Without genuine African unity, our continent will remain at the mercy of imperialist domination and exploitation. Below are 10 simple, yet profound, reasons why Africa must unite under a socialist economic system. 📌1. Africa’s WealthAfrica is extremely wealthy! In fact, it is the wealthiest land massContinue reading “10 Reasons Why Africa MUST Unite”

Replace Envy with Blessedness

✅One of the philosophies I live by comes from ancient Huna wisdom, the original teachings of the Hawaiian elders. It goes like this: “BLESS THAT WHICH YOU WANT”. If you see a person with a beautiful #home, bless that person and bless that home. If you see a person with a beautiful #car, bless thatContinue reading “Replace Envy with Blessedness”

I am PLUS 1 today 27/02/2023

Happy Birthday to me. God honoured me with nonfiction writing from my teenage days…. I always love to hear from my book/article readers. If my book/article has in any way helped you, then I am glad I wrote it. I appreciate receiving your compliments or suggestions. Drop your positive feedback or testimony in my commentsContinue reading “I am PLUS 1 today 27/02/2023”

T C Wanyanwu e-Books are free on selar.co bookstore

I offer all my religious eBooks for free not for monetary gain because salvation of souls from bondage is the goal:⛪📚 Jesus Is A Black Man: An Inconvenient Truth.✅READ https://selar.co/wmiz Judgment Day of the Lord,✅READ https://selar.co/z8s7 Gambling: My Ordeal And Past Experience✅READ https://selar.co/mrzc 12 Enslavement Tricks Of Satan And How To Escape Them’.✅READ https://selar.co/kp23The LordContinue reading “T C Wanyanwu e-Books are free on selar.co bookstore”

Forever in our Hearts😭

#TuesdayToRememberHistory 2022 may not have been the bounce-back year we had all hoped for, and sadly, the voices of these beloved and esteemed authors will only be heard in the works they’ve left behind. #NancyMilford, #RolandoHinojosaSmith, #ValerieBoyd, #JimMurphy, #GeorgeLamming, #ShirleyHughes, #RobertGoolrick, #AshleyBryan, #AnnArensberg, #DavidDalton, #SaraSuleriGoodyear, #RonGoulart This is not intended to be a comprehensive listContinue reading “Forever in our Hearts😭”