There are more Black people in the world than White

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Over two-thirds of the population of the world consists of coloured people (Blacks). That is a ratio of 2.1. Two out of Noah’s three sons remained black. We know this to be true because many of the people throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Islands in the Pacific Ocean are yellow, brown or Black. They have facial features like the Negroid (less commonly called Congoid Africans), especially the Vietnamese, Filipinos, the people of India (they are a mixture of black Dravidians and Indo-Europeans). Thailanders, Burmese, Indonesians, Guineans, Sumatrans, and the aborigines of Australia, etc.

There was an Indo-European invasion (Germanic) of the Middle East between the years 2000 and 1500 B.C. These Germanic tribes intermingled with the black people everywhere they traveled. This mingling made the people in Syria, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, India, and parts of Arabia much lighter in complexion. Now, the colour of the people in this region ranges from brown to yellow. The Greek and Roman invasions also made these people in the Middle East lighter. Another fact we should not forget is that the Moors and Arabs from North Africa captured and raped European women. As a result, the North Africans became lighter. At one time, these people in North Africa and the Middle East were all black. Whites have intermingled their blood with blacks in Asia, Africa, and the Western Hemisphere. In spite of this, the coloured people of the world control about three-fourths of the earth’s geographical area

Because the coloured people of the world are in a majority, it is proper to infer that the whites have always been a minority, and that the black people are the original people of humanity.

Abraham was the patriarch of the twelve tribes of Israel; and Abraham’s father (Terah) came from the land of Ur of the Chaldees, Genesis 11:26-28. The Land of Ur of the Chaldees was located at the southern part of the Euphrates. The Chaldeans were one of many Cushite tribes. Cush means black, according to the Bible dictionary. This dictionary defines further: “Cush, the name of a son of Ham, apparently the eldest: and of a territory or territories occupied by his descendants. The Cushites appeared to have spread along tracts extending from the higher Nile to the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. History affords many connections between Babylon, Arabia, and Ethiopia.” There is more than adequate evidence that the ancient nations of Babylon, Akkadia, Sumer, and the Chaldea were inhabited by Cushite tribes (Ethiopians), on all sides of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers”.

“There is more than enough evidence to prove that all the original Israelites were black, including the surrounding nations in the Middle East: we must consider the evidence that the Dravidians were the original black people of India;

that the Cushites (Ethiopians) inhabited the southern Mesopotamian Valley (Genesis 10:15-19); that Abraham and Ishmael married African women (Egyptians) (Genesis 16:1-16; 21:8-21); that the Canaanites belong to the African family of nations (Amos 9:7); that ancient Israel intermarried with these black Canaanite tribes; at the time that Joseph was viceroy of Egypt his brothers could not distinguish him from the black Egyptians because Joseph was black (Genesis 45:1-28); after Pharaoh promulgated the cruel decree to extirpate the Hebrew males, only a black Moses would have been able to be concealed effectively for any length of time among black Egyptians (Exodus 1:8 – 2:10); that Daniel had a dream of an anthropomorphous God with woolly hair African features (Daniel 7:9); that biblical leprosy laws of the time could apply only to a very dark people with black hair (Leviticus 13).

The black Jews of India, Abyssinia (Ethiopia), and West Africa consider themselves the original Jews because of the purity of their Israelite blood (Psalm 78:51; 105:23,27; 106:22; 1 Chronicles 4:40);…”

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