The Lord will turn again our captivity😊😊😊

Without a race that profess Christ so deeply like #Africa having any biblical connection to coincide with their spirituality, they therefore will have no identity which would reverse their perception of self into a form of hatred towards others of their skin tone. Which is why BLACK ON BLACK CRIME IS HIGH, because they can’tContinue reading “The Lord will turn again our captivity😊😊😊”

A Foreword from Rev. A. Okpara of the book titled JESUS IS A BLACK MAN

A MUST READ BOOK!!! The author in this book titled Jesus Is A Black Man is teaching revelation, there is nothing anyone can do provided it is a divine message which is a sure word of prophecy. The prophetic message is sensitive and not ordinary. He is proving & supporting even backing his argument withContinue reading “A Foreword from Rev. A. Okpara of the book titled JESUS IS A BLACK MAN”

Jesus Is A Black Man (ebook) now available on Google play store

“This book is an international awestruck, authored by a great researcher, educationist, reformer, Motivational speaker, a grounded Christian and a soul winner T. C. Wanyanwu. I received a free copy from the author as a way of appreciating me for the little I’ve contributed in his life, we are determined to change the world byContinue reading “Jesus Is A Black Man (ebook) now available on Google play store”

Salvation and Civilization came from Africa

The #PEN🖋is mightier than the #SWORD🗡️ DON’T EVER SAY CHRISTIANITY (FOLLOWING CHRIST JESUS) IS A FOREIGN RELIGION. In the ancient times, it was no secret that Jesus Christ was a Black man from the tribe of Judah. The early Jews knew it because they were also Blacks. The Romans knew it, and the Greeks knewContinue reading “Salvation and Civilization came from Africa”

False Images of Jesus Christ revealed by a Nigerian Pastor

A senior Pastor at #DayspringAssembly in #Lagos (Pastor Harrison Chiemerie Charles) explores the scripture to debunk the False and Fake images of Jesus Christ in the walls of many Churches in Africa and the West. This Preacher has changed the face of Christianity in Nigeria – with his evangelical sermon of #Truth and #Revelation, #ExpositionContinue reading “False Images of Jesus Christ revealed by a Nigerian Pastor”