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Author T. C. Wanyanwu shares his ordeal and past experience in gambling

The National Network Newspaper published this article in pg.6, February 9th-15th 2022 edition, lending their support to raise awareness against #GamblingAddiction. Motivational Speaker Shares Gambling Experience …Advises Youths To Steer Clear A motivational speaker, inspirational writer and author, ThankGod Chimenem Wanyanwu has advised the 21st century youths to shun gambling, describing it as a destructiveContinue reading “Author T. C. Wanyanwu shares his ordeal and past experience in gambling”

New🔥My Ordeal And Past Experience In Grambling

Incredible!!! 💥💥💥 Every writer is blessed with a creative mindI’m really stunned!Can’t believe Shuzia Publishers Int’l could deliver this job within 24 hours without collecting a dime from me. Love4Humanity 🤗 You have beaten #Amazon record in digital production here guysHardcopies Premiering soon on Amazon! SayNoToGambling 🔥🔥🔥 Download the free ebook copy with #24 PagesContinue reading “New🔥My Ordeal And Past Experience In Grambling”

Join the campaign against Gambling Addiction

If you love them join to save them young. GAMBLING IS NOT A HANDIWORK, NOT A TALENT, NOT A SKILL AND DEFINITELY NOT FOR A CHRISTIAN. SADLY, OVER 60 MILLION NIGERIANS WITHIN THE AGES OF 18 TO 60 ARE INTO CHRONIC GAMBLING. IT’S A MENACE Another reputable news outlet The Tide Newspaper has joined theContinue reading “Join the campaign against Gambling Addiction”