We are constantly under attack by the devil and his agents

We are constantly under attack by the devil and he is always out to make us fall. The Bible says that the enemy moves to and fro looking for whom to devour. Whenever one says yes to Jesus, that person becomes a target and it calls for conscious efforts to stay standing. God has given us everything needed to succeed and win, but we need to take advantage of these provisions and make maximum use of them which is what this literature presents in no small measure.

The book📙 is available for free download from https://selar.co/kp23 and if God touches your heart please drop a REVIEW after reading. You will not miss your reward. Amen!

Read and save a SOUL with this book!#RenewYourMindDaily
#SalvationGoal #FreeReading
#12EnslavementTricksOdSatanAndHowToEscapeThem #WanyanwuTheWriter

Published by tcwanyanwu

Author of several books including: Awake Through Self-Discovery, Judgment Day of the Lord, Jesus is a Black Man, Gambling: My Ordeal And Past Experience etc...

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