It’s only in African schools that you get punished for speaking your native language.😭😭😭


I don’t think there’s any difference between Africans. We are all the same, the same source, origin and history. #SouthAfricans, #Kenyans, #Nigerians, #Ugandans, #Rwandans; we are one. It’s colonial borders that makes us think we are different

#Belgium is the 6th richest nation in the world, Belgium is responsible for the death of almost 20million #Congolese; no generational curse. It’s only in Africa you’ll be told that we’re suffering cos of the sins of our forefathers. What sins did our forefathers commit?

#Japanese & #Chinese are the most culturally aware people in the world. If you go to China, their whole social institutions is built on their culture. This is what Africa lacks, this is why we are dependent. It’s in Africa where we exist for other people.

It’s okay if you can’t speak #English fluently, English is not your mother’s tongue.

The most insane thing is to be a professional in another man’s language yet unable to construct a sentence in your own language and then think you’re educated.

The Benin defense wall is the biggest architectural work on the planet. it’s four times Longer than the Great Wall of #China. It twas built by Benin people of west Africa in 7th-15th century. It was broken down into pieces by the #British during 1897 invasion of Benin.

It’s really amazing that people have been programmed to think that it’s only through voting every 4 & 8yrs their problems can only be solved.

Africans know who their enemies are. Africans know who bombed #Libya into barbarism, who’s bombing #Syria and sanctioning #Yemen, who’s endorsing #Israel and who’s exploiting #Congo. Regardless of media lies, Africans know who the #enemy is.

“If Africans have learned anything from the removal of #Russia from the swift financial system, then it ought to be evident that:

1) our banks need to transact without any foreign intermediaries

2) trade in Africa should not rely on foreign currencies.”

#Colonialism was going on at the same time IMF was created. After plundering Africa’s resources and wealth for centuries, made us underdeveloped and dependent, they created an organization to lend us our money that they stole.

✅Credit to #Ifa_Funsho and #Ademola
#DivideAndConquer #Neocolonialism
#DidYouKnowSeries #HistoricalFacts


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